Homemade cookies for your four-legged kids

Butter has been having skin problem for last 2 years.
I was recommended to take food allergy test to find out if it was related to food.
His test result came back after 2 weeks, and it was quite shocking.....Not too many choices are left for poor Butter to eat!!!

Our trustworthy vet suggested me to cook for him instead of giving dry kibbles and treats.  Butter seems very happy for the change.  He makes "cute happy noise" while waiting his meal served which I never heard like that noise when feeding kibbles.

Oh, my husband mentioned the other day, it is so obvious that Butter's meal looks much better that his dish :P

One of my friends, she is a dog owner & blogger, she introduced on her blog a great recipe of Pumpkin/Peanut butter Cookies for dogs.   Of course, Butter loved them, thanks to her.  I kept this as a basic cookie recipe in my notebook and after we found out about food allergy, I changed some ingredients.  I made "Banana Blueberry Coconuts" cookies this time.  I baked these in low temperature for about one hour, so Butter can enjoy crunchiness as well as flavor.

Basic cookie dough ingredients

* 1/2 cup Peanut Butter
* 1 cup 100% Pure Pumpkin Puree, Canned,
* 1 & 3/4 cup Flour

I use "Almond Butter" instead of Peanut Butter.  According to our vet, Peanut Butter is common causing food allergy for dogs too.  Compare to that Almonds and Coconuts have lower risk.

Since Butter has reaction to wheat, I cannot use "Flour" anymore.  There are varieties of  "Flour" available in natural food store.  I found Quinoa Flour and Coconut Flour from Bob's Red Mill will be the best for Butter. You can also add shredded coconuts and your dogs will love them! (Make sure that you choose "UNSWEETEN" ones)
 (I was also told that "Corn" cause a lot of trouble with dogs, so be careful giving Corn.)  




彼女のレシビはここをクリック(英語なんですが)・・・・She's seasonally inspired


基本のクッキー生地 材料

* 1 & 3/4 カップ 小麦粉
* 1/2 カップ ピーナッツバター
* 1 カップ 100% かぼちゃのピュレー(缶詰でOK)



Bob's Red Mill というブランドからいろいろな種類のオーガニック穀物が出ていて便利です。




How to Make "Holiday Golden Grahams Clusters"

Merry Christmas to our dear friends!!  
My friend, "Dee" taught me how to make this and since then I just loved making this clusters during holiday season.  As many friends willing to share the recipe, I put lazy recipe with rough measurement here for you. So please adjust whatever you think better, hope it works!  



Golden Grahams Cereals

Your choice of Nuts (Almonds, Peanuts or Walnuts)                             

White Chocolate (Melting Wafers)


 *  2 1/2 cup White chocolate chips or wafers
 *  2 cups Golden Grahams Cereal
 *  1/2 cup Nuts
 *  1/2 cup Craisins

      1) Put wax paper or foil over a cookie sheet.
      2) Spreads Nuts, Craisins and Grahams on the sheet.

      3) Heat chocolate until melted a double boiler- keep water boiling in larger pan.
      4) Put wafers in smaller pan. Be careful not burn yourself!!

      5) Cover Cereal mix with melted chocolate.

      6) Leave it in room temperature until hard & set.
      7) Break into pieces.
      8) Enjoy!


Post by Minervino Wanderley.

This "couple" is so cute together!  


Purin the Super Beagle "Skateboarding"

Daddy, I want this gadget!!

Ray howlin Charles


Another gorgeous sunset

Chilly but gorgeous day today !!